Review: Carpet Of Horses – It’s Only Light

The first EP from Berlin-based Carpet Of Horses heralded a talented band with a taste for a very eerie, ambient strand of folk music, accompanied by a high quality production. They now return a year later with six new tracks which promise much in arrangement but fall some way short in creating memories.

Carpet Of Horses EP Cover

A brief instrumental piece  named ‘Almagest’ begins the EP with a portentous swell of effects but then there is a sharp transition to the rustic guitars and crisp percussion of ‘It’s Only Light’. The song begins a pattern for languid-paced post-rock/folk with whispered vocals. The guitars are also laid on thickly for ‘Gloss’ as they crawl towards the song’s end. ‘Oblomov’ could be accused of building up too slowly too but the use of whistling and variations in percussion at least adds colour to proceedings. Tellingly, the final track, ‘The River’ and its stark, simple melody possibly makes it the standout track overall.

As finely arranged as it is, ‘It’s Only Light’ cries out for a change of pace, specifically of a faster kind. Each song is structurally similar making you think that something important and dramatic is going to happen but by the end there is a sense of slight disappointment as the track peters out quietly. In terms of production, ‘It’s Only Light’ ticks all the boxes but more work needs to be done on the songs.

Web Sites:
Bandcamp Stream of ‘It’s Only Light’

Further Listening:
Band Of Horses

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