Pine For Cedars – Pine For Cedars EP

Math-tinged alt-rock from York is the tantalising prospect awaiting curious listeners to Pine For Cedars’ debut EP. This new quartet duly set about their business with a set of four incisive tracks which, whilst clever in their execution, have the drive and addictive qualities to make you want to hear more from them.

Pine For Cedars

Introduced by choppy guitars, ‘Love By Numbers’ is an encouraging start. The frontman has one of those love it/hate it vocals but it’s likely to be the former if you’re a fan of Placebo’s Brian Molko angst and anguish. Certainly the song stands up to the test too with a strong melodic flow and all band members clearly heading in the same direction. ‘Platform’ is less infectious but its melancholic verses and fuzzed up chorus are full of vigour and invention. Then there’s ‘Taking Over’ ; a song that sees the group deliver their most convincing Placebo impression with the nagging guitar hook, in particular, standing out. Slightly worryingly, on the final offering the group threaten to encroach on the whiny territory of Wheatus but manage to hold back just enough.

Based on the thirteen minutes of music here, the comparisons may seem obvious but every fledgling band takes a while to find their own identity. Pine For Cedars have at least appeared to have chosen a style which suits their age group, their songs are sufficiently complex and it has to be said that these songs bode well for a promising future.

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