Review: The Title Sequence – Stills

Sweetly nostalgic for the 1980’s but in a very individual sense, London’s The Title Sequence are one of those acts who deserve to be cherished. They released an extremely promising EP at the back end of last year which serves as a “companion” piece to their first long player.

Stills Album Cover

Just as on their EP, ‘Stills’ begins with an acoustic number but its borders of the arrangements become wider to match the ambition of this excellent record. So, whilst ‘Stills’ is essentially indie pop, it is multi-faceted. At their best, as they often are, The Title Sequence specialise in literary (or wordy), infectious pop nuggets such as ‘You Belong To Me’ and the single ‘Payday’ but they also make time for moody, lovelorn material like ‘Ashamed’. Yet towards the middle of the record they create a very special song called ‘Jigsaw Days’; a towering slice of Simon and Garfunkel-style epic folk. Furthermore, the similarly reflective ‘Evenings Spent With You’ and ‘Ghost Of The Relationship’ position them as mature, idiosyncratic songwriters in the same bracket as The Montgolfier Brothers.

By the end of its forty minute length, it takes a while to digest what has gone on before. There’s a fine mixture of concise, quirky songs which a milkman could whistle but there are also longer, introspective songs perfect as soundtracks for gazing in to the middle distance. Either way, The Title Sequence are on to a winner.

Web Sites:
The Title Sequence Tumblr
Bandcamp Stream of The Title Sequence’s ‘Stills’

Further Listening:
Seeland, The Drums, The Montgolfier Brothers

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