Review: Vliot – La Super Idea

Vliot’s first album, ‘Invisible Cities’, was a fine soundtrack to the summer of 2011. Evocative of lazy summer days, band leader Fabian Wilkins added a modern post-rock sheen to a classy set of jazz and Latin-based tunes. So it seems appropriate that we hear from him in summer again, even if it is just a short EP.

Vliot EP Cover

One of the highlights of the album was that Wilkins occasionally used his voice to enliven proceedings. Sadly, there’s no sign of his voice at all here so the success of ‘La Super Idea’ rests entirely on his instrumental and arranging skills. So what we have is a very likeable, if slightly undemanding set of Latin-inflected tunes. Followers of Mice Parade’s alternative twist on this genre will be engaged by much of this material. Of particular note, the crisp rhythms of ‘Arriba Y Abajo’ and languid melodic detours are infectious, whilst ‘La Vuelta’ is resplendent with deliciously aching guitar. There’s even the deft finger-picking of ‘#88 -the illest traitor’ to bring events to a classy close.

With just fifteen minutes of music on offer, there’s  not a lot of time to make big impressions.  Wilkins isn’t one for shocks or grand emotional gestures but he certainly makes music which is easy on the ear and gets your feet tapping, to such an extent you can forgive that he doesn’t sing at all this time.

Web Sites:
Bandcamp Stream of Vliot’s ‘La Super Idea’

Further Listening:
Mice Parade


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