Review: Radio For The Daydreamers – Denouement

At the turn of the year, the final part of the Radio For The Daydreamers trilogy was released; the epic project from the Pittsburgh based musical collective. If the first two parts were musically diverse, the final one is merely kaleidoscopic. Mainman Aki Srivastava describes the character in the story as “realizing that without an audience, a catastrophe is short lived. So eventually. it is up to him to stop fuelling the fire”. Well, who are we to argue with that?

Radio For The Daydreamers Album Cover

With only the loose threads of darkness and paranoia to hang the music together, Srivastava and his trusty cohorts are given wide boundaries within which to tell their stories. The likes of ‘Dorian, The Apathetic’ sound like old medieval pieces, albeit with the expected modern sheen. There’s a wonderfully-titled mini suite of ‘But Passive Aggression Is All I Have Got’, ‘But Pessimism Is All I Have Got’ and ‘But Life Is All I Have Got’ which owes a lot to This Mortal Coil’s melancholia. Elsewhere wonderfully moody late night jazz (‘Drawing Teeth On The Moon’, ‘Closure’) rubs shoulders with excellent evocative dramatic instrumentals (‘Confusion Is My Birthright’) and Mike Oldfield-style strumming and prog for ‘Everything You Can Not C#’. Most surprising of all, the freak-folk of ‘Insect Eyes’ manages to sounds uncannily like a proper song.

There’s a lot of fine music on here and much of it seems to be crying out for a horror or science fiction commission. Its only flaw is that very few of these tracks make an emotional connection and the narrative is somewhat confusing. That said, it’s a record where you could randomly generate a running order and still end up with a compelling album.

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Bandcamp Stream for Radio For The Daydreamers’ ‘Denouement’

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