Review: Jikan Ga Nai – Plenty Time

Thanks to the possibilities of the Internet, we music listeners have become rather accustomed to cross-continental music projects and Bearsuit Records are shining examples of what can be achieved. Jikan Ga Nai (the name means “there’s not enough time”) suggests more mayhem over long distances. In actual fact the two protagonists here, Harold Nono and Eric Cosentino, are Scottish and French respectively but Cosentino now calls New York home. This being Bearsuit Records though, that’s as conventional as things get.

Jikan Ga Nai EP Cover

Against a backdrop of loping beats and psychedelic jazz, the hilariously-titled ‘When We Lie Down We Take The Penguin Home’, presents an atmosphere of approaching terror. The feeling of dread subsides for second track ‘Of Course We Weren’t Always Superstars’; a colourful yet always tuneful glide through unidentified instruments. ‘Legend Days’ is a rather more sober experience to match its comparatively staid title. Indeed, for two minutes it’s a pleasant and pretty acoustic strum balanced by crystalised synths. Then, however, they add retro-futurist effects a la Stereolab, to winning effect. Finally, track four of four is the most difficult to follow as it allies buzzing electronica with guitar solos and stentorian keyboards; interesting but a bit too avant garde to love.

Nono and Cosentino have proven their talents on their own solo projects (Nono under his own name, Cosentino via Pain Noir) and for three quarters of this EP they prove they can work as a team too. We’ve come to expect  bizarre yet quality instrumentals from Bearsuit and this EP is no exception.

Web Sites:
Bearsuit Records Label and Shop Site
Bandcamp Stream for ‘Plenty Time’

Further Listening:
Stereolab, Harold Nono, Pain Noir

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