Review: Passarella Death Squad – Giant EP

Daniel Passarella was a hard as nails defender who had the distinction of being the only player to feature in both Argentina’s World Cup winning squads in 1978 and 1986, before going on to manage both the Argentinian and Uruguayan national team. It is not known what he would make of Passarella Death Squad, an outfit better known for being a cult clothing designer than a nocturnally-flavoured electronica act but they certainly give proof that they have a great chance of being successful in two fields of the entertainment industry.

Passarella Death Squad EP Cover

For opener ‘The Stars And Stripes’, the pulsing electronica and an emotionless but impressive vocal from Emilie Albisser summon up the feel of a night time drive on a deserted freeway. The arrangement is hypnotic and serene, echoing the downtempo instrumentals of Junior Boys. ‘Blue Lips’ has a similarly cool, lonely edge. The EP’s title track is oddly reminiscent of Dead Can Dance thanks to the somewhat arcane warbling of Albisser whilst the last track, modestly named ‘Untitled’, supports the idea that it is possible to make something elegant and attractive out of drone music.

‘Giant EP’ presents a quartet of classy tunes perfect for those post-midnight chill-out moments. The only criticism may be that the vocals and arrangements sound a little too detached to love, so much like their inventive fashion items, they are outwardly sophisticated and attractive. Now they need to display a human side to make them truly stand out.

Web Sites:
Passarella Death Squad Official Site
Passarella Death Squad SoundCloud

Further Listening:
Dead Can Dance, Junior Boys, RealPolitik

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