Review: Nightmute – Apparition

It may be 2013 but here are LA’s Nightmute who make the kind of old school epic, gothic rock which harks back to a time when non-ironic bands such as The Mission ruled certain airwaves. ‘Apparition’ is the group’s debut EP and one which wastes no time in setting their agenda.

Nightmute EP Cover

‘Lipstick’ reads like a checklist of post-punk/gothic rock with passionate, full-blooded vocals, driving guitars, insistent keyboards, intense drumming and epic production all to the fore. It’s a great way to start the EP though. ‘Gloria’ is calmer and more controlled, at least initially. Guitars jangle this time and the song only really lets fly on the full-throated chorus, which steers just far enough away from Eurovision territory to make it palatable. The band are brave enough to bestow the title of ‘The Anthem’ on the third track and in fairness their confidence is not misplaced as the hard-working Americans fully commit to rhythm and melody. That only leaves ‘She’s The Score’ to continue the formula of gothic verses and the inevitable big chorus.

In these days of bands wanting to sound as arty and off-kilter as possible, Nightmute provide a refreshing antidote with an uncompromising take on arena rock. Yes, they could have existed twenty five years ago but the polish of these songs is offset by the gritty musicianship of the band members. Indeed, each song here is delivered with a relentless energy and conviction which suggests they are stadium bound.

Web Sites:
Nightmute Official Site
Video of Nightmite’s ‘Gloria’

Further Listening:
The Mission, Hearts Fail

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