Review: behave. – behave. (EP)

The trend of anonymous DJ acts has been all too prevalent since the turn of the Century. So when another electronic dance duo led by a DJ shows up, anticipation of substance and addictive tunes may not be high on the agenda. Yet long time friends DJ Bhate (the “DJ” is actually an abbreviation) and Miguel Leiva have a couple of tricks up their sleeve, courtesy of a relaxed vibe and an assortment of guitar hooks.

behave. EP Cover

They may sound trite on paper but the generic lyrics of “close your eyes to the sun” and “fade in, fade out” make sense when attached to the melody of ‘Close’; characterised by playful beats and a nagging guitar line. It is from such solid ground that Bhate and Leiva build their songs and is the most convincing case in point, the remarkably slick ‘First Time’ rides on hip-hop lite and a slinky guitar line straight from the Orange Juice school of funk.

Somewhat bizarrely, ‘Veil’ uses a children’s’ TV-friendly tune making it an incongruous centrepiece for the EP. However, normal order is restored as ‘Let Me Know’ sets the controls for summer time again with another sunny motif, this time using the bassline as its USP but considering it’s marketed as the lead track, it’s not the most compelling moment on the EP. ‘To Forget’ is more like it as the duo recapture the form of the first two tracks with another hook which meanders and curls its way around the vocals like a coiled cobra.

The EP lasts just twenty minutes and although it may lack a little depth, the methods by which the duo recapture indie guitar for the dance generation is done in an admirable style. Infectious and sensual.

Web Sites:
Bandcamp Stream of behave. (EP)

Further Listening:
Playground, Orange Juice

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