Review: Feet For Wings – Homes

The enticingly-named Feet For Wings come from Belfast, Northern Ireland, promising music that is “warm to edgy, from endearing to affronting”. Pleasingly, they make the most of their fifteen minutes of fame with a finely balanced EP.

Feet For Wings EP Cover

Rustic guitars and warm yet breezy harmonies are at the heart of a lively opening title track. On the surface, Feet For Wings sound a little like Belle and Sebastian but the rhythms are satisfyingly robust, giving the songs an earthiness that show that if they are indie folk, they definitely operate at the harder edge of the genre. Similarly, the angelic beginning to ‘Cathedral St.’ suggests The Field Mice but the gutsy backing really does pack a punch. ‘Hold Your Tongue’ is more gently persuasive and represents a minor lull at the centre of the EP but ‘Cutting Your Teeth’ piles on the guitars again, which are almost at a crescendo by the end of the song. Finally, ‘Winding Sheets’ informs us “that there’s nothing quite like being alone” and when placed in the context of the spare arrangement of the track, could this be a rebuke against the relative loudness which has preceded it?

Just as they promised, ‘Homes’ is a perfectly pitched set of tunes with heavenly voices running in parallel against a backdrop of comparatively “in your face” layers of sound. Most importantly, the group make it work without ever showing signs of conflict.

Web Sites:
Bandcamp Stream of Feet For Wings – Homes

Further Listening:
The Field Mice, Belle And Sebastian


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