Review: Redroomdreamers – Honduras

Redroomdreamers’ debut album, ‘Roosters On The Rubbish’, balanced grunge with subtle, atmospheric rock, drawing comparisons to likes of American Music Club as a result. The follow-up for the Italian outfit perfects that balance still further and is a splendid and varied thing indeed.

Redroomdreamers Album Cover

‘Going To The River’ picks up on the first album’s subtler side and quite right too. Drumming is slowed to sloth pace, each guitar pluck rings out for several seconds whilst frontman Dario Bosco yearns for some kind of inner peace. The song gradually builds up a sense of urgency, supposedly setting us up for an album of sprawling, emotive indie rock. Or so you would have thought. ‘Inside You’ is almost the opposite: FX-drenched guitars drive forward in excitable fashion creating an unexpected three-minute pop thrill.

Further on, ‘Shine A Light’ verges on cheery Brit-pop at certain times but shows its class in the end whilst ‘Sunset Song’ opts for full throttle, apocalyptic post-rock and the angst-fuelled ‘Run Of A Sick Boy’ characterises a more aggressive second half to the album. At their best, though, as on ‘New Day’ and ‘The Hole’, they recall the awkward time signatures, edginess and general brilliance of 1990’s vintage dEUS and the slowly unravelling ‘The Box’, complete with gorgeous instrumental coda, is a charming and doleful standout.

Whilst ‘Roosters On The Rubbish’ was more than good enough, ‘Honduras’ is a definite step forward in confidence and ambition. With a distinctive frontman, complex arrangements and inventive songwriting at their disposal, they are rapidly becoming one of Western Europe’s most exciting indie rock bands.

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Soundcloud Stream of Redroomdreamers – Honduras

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dEUS, Argentine


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