Review: The Clothes – Fairy Light Dress

It’s been a fine year for Italian music so far with excellent albums from the likes of Redroomdreamers, Nosound and Francis M. Gri already in the bag. Making their bid for a place in this talented group are The Clothes, a duo consisting of vocalist/guitarist Massimo Scoposki and drummer Laura Palmiz.

The Clothes EP Cover

The Clothes have opted for an unashamedly nostalgic sound. For the exuberant opener ‘Cry Baby’, the guitars pay huge debts to both the Postcard Records era as well as the C86 brigade but the slightly fey vocals owe an equal amount to current revivalists, The Drums. On the similarly infectious ‘Creepy, Creepy World, Creepy Creepy Creepy Shoes’ and ‘Back In Town’ they sound like Buzzcocks, albeit a couple of notches slower in pace. Even though the appeal of Scoposki’s vocals wears thin by the end of the record, Palmiz’s drumming is impressive throughout, especially when she’s on inventive, rapid fire form for ‘No Future’. Kudos too for ‘Foaming Waves’, as its more introspective style hints at a maturity they should develop further on future records.

‘Fairly Light Dress’ is a derivative but thoroughly entertaining listen which should appeal to fans of a jangly guitar pop persuasion. One feels they need to expand their ambition and focus for their next release but until then, there’s twenty seven minutes of innocent fun to be had, right here.

Web Sites:
The Clothes Bandcamp

Further Listening:
The Drums, Buzzcocks

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