Review: The Absolute End Of The World – Whoami

In the year 2525, Zager and Evans wondered if man would still be alive. It’s probably not a coincidence that the new EP/mini album from The Absolute End Of The World clocks in at exactly twenty five minutes and twenty five seconds too. So the stage is set for Italian Luca Maugeri to unleash his latest set of melodic post-rock.

The Absolute End Of The World Album Cover

That said, ‘The Eternal Dilemna’ begins in relatively cheery mode. Although the dramatic layers hint at something apocalyptic, the countrified strumming at the heart of the track suggests happier times. ‘Lulubelle’ too begins in relaxed, languid mode but after a minute of pleasantries, Maugeri hits us with a blast of power chords and a storm of guitar layers is duly summoned. ‘C’è Sangue Dappertutto’ rather disconcertingly translates to “There is blood everywhere” but the music is no way near as austere sounding with warm, Labradford-esque keyboards merging with ambient rock and only the small matter of inaudible cries are in keeping with the track’s horrific meaning. That track is neatly followed by ‘La Ferocia Del Sorriso Idiota’ (“the ferocity of the idiotic smile” according to Google Translate) which again, whilst threatening on paper, offers refined beauty in its wall of sound delivery. Finally, ‘The Eternal Dilemna Part 2’ rings and chimes triumphantly and delightfully to provide a fitting finale.

So despite Maugeri’s album and track titles indicating the most terrifying heavy metal, he always reins in the temptation to go for full-on aural asssault, preferring to keep his finger on the pulse in terms of melody. ‘Whoami’ is a worthy addition to a fine selection of records so far.

Web Sites:
The Absolute End Of The World Tumblr Page
Bandcamp Stream of The Absolute End Of The World -Whoami

Further Listening:
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