Review: Astrosuka – ЗОЛОТАЯ / / / / / ГРЯЗЬ

Astrosuka are a duo named Tatiana and ¥√L based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their album title translates from Russian to ‘Gold/////Dirt’ which probably goes some way to explaining the somewhat East European likeness of one of their names. However, the music, a kind of dystopian take on electro-disco, defines no particular place on this Earth

Astrosuka Album Cover

Soundalikes are thin on the ground for this admittedly unique album yet a couple of comparisons can be made. ‘//\LI/\NZ/\\\\/IOLENT/\\’ follows a similar rhythm to Kelis’ ‘Milkshake’ but then it spirals off into a swirl of psychedelic keyboards and glitchy beats. The staccato nature and digitised vocals of ‘E-GL-O_O-‘ are reminiscent of a couple of the Japanese acts on Bearsuit Records and the melody, odd though it is, becomes strangely appealing. Similar compliments can also be made to ‘SUEL₮O’, ‘∑______∑$CU₱!R__€L_₡₳LØR 201333’ and ‘KPACHbIÑ IIIAP’, which seem to be Russian disco pop songs distorted and interpreted into a format aliens would understand. At five minutes in length, ‘☒☐☐☒☐’ is the one track which allows the music to breathe with a coda which is almost blissful in this excitable company.

Given the aural assault contained within, ‘Gold/////Dirt’ may not be the obvious choice for a post-Christmas hangover but included here are possibly the fragments of the future of electronic music and you could imagine it would just need a prominent DJ to give it a few spins and they could be an overnight success in the more avant garde night clubs around the world. So for now, though, enjoy this weirdness whilst it still remains a closely guarded secret.

Web Sites:
Astrosuka Official Site
Bandcamp Stream of Astrosuka – ЗОЛОТАЯ / / / / / ГРЯЗЬ

Further Listening:
Bearsuit Records

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