Review: Morgan Doctor – Major Over Minor

The name may be unfamiliar to most but Morgan Doctor has established a career for herself as a drummer for likes of Cyndi Lauper, The New York Dolls, Debbie Harry and more recently Tegan and Sara and Arts and Crafts. Her new solo album is her third but the first to be entirely instrumental. Tellingly, the good Doctor calls this her most revealing record yet.

Morgan Doctor Album Cover

As you’d expect, ‘Major Over Minor’ is rhythmically strong. This is particularly evident on the strident and infectious ‘West Coast’. Yet, more importantly, there’s commendable levels of variety on show right from the slowly pulsing electronica and swelling strings of ‘Holding The Reins’ to the mysterious multi-layered ‘Phosphorescent’. Along the way, the brooding post-rock of ‘In Between Living And Dying’ impresses, ‘The Seafarer’ dabbles in ambient folk and is one of the clearest indications we get of the album’s emotional pull thanks to the track’s yearning melody, whilst ‘Saturn’, thanks to employment of banjitar and mellotron, is a dreamy delight.

‘Major Over Minor’ is a very cohesive instrumental album and certainly one where Doctor’s multi-instrumental and arrangement skills are brought sharply into focus. This is definitely an exemplar to counter the myth that drummers shouldn’t make solo albums.

Web Sites:
Morgan Doctor Official Site
Morgan Doctor Bandcamp

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