Review: The Farewell Circuit – We Were Wolves

Despite the somewhat misleading name, The Farewell Circuit are a relatively young band from Minnesota, who have earned comparisons with Death Cab For Cutie for their brand of melancholic, indie pop. After their well received last album ‘In Our Bones’, ‘We Were Wolves’ is a follow-up EP.

The Farewell Circuit Album Cover

It’s clear from the outset that Danny O’Brien’s warm, rich vocals and countrified guitars are the core strengths of the band’s output. The mood on ‘We Were Wolves’ is gentle, left of centre indie and even as the song approaches a slightly grungy deviation halfway into the song, one can imagine young couples swaying gently together at their concerts. ‘Years Of Youth’ aims for reverb-heavy guitars and a thunderous rhythm section and on the slightly more adventurous ‘From The Sun’, the group coax their guitars into making satisfyingly dirtier noises. On the other hand, for ‘Faces Of Friends’ and ‘Admission’, they hit their ambient pop stride and what could have been dull detours turn out to be highlights thanks to the winning combination of O’Brien’s tender vocal and a subtle production.

‘We Were Wolves’ is pretty solid fare and a good sampler for a band who are obviously comfortable at crafting sensitive material but also yearn to truly let rip with their instruments to show off their angst. Overall it’s the former side to their personality which is the most convincing but a few more risks and distorted guitars on the next release could see them rise above the ranks and their influences.

Web Sites:
The Farewell Circuit Official Site
Bandcamp Stream of The Farewell Circuit – We Were Wolves

Further Listening:
Death Cab For Cutie


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