Review: Giorgos Grigorakos – Somewhere In A Field

Armed with his analog modern synthesizer, Giorgos Grigorakos de-constructs and disassembles sounds to form well hidden melodies. In layman’s terms, this aint pop music, folks. Rather, ‘Somewhere In A Field’ consists of six carefully structured compositions of slowly unfolding drone patterns.

Giorgos Grigorakos Album Cover

Each individual track varies little from beginning to end but within the repeated melodies, there are fascinating, macabre and sometimes beautiful layers to discover. In many ways, it’s hard not to slip into clichés when describing what impressions Grigorakis’s music gives. ‘Mindfield’ and ‘Loner’ contain the requisite shimmering walls of noise whereas ‘Afusia’ and ‘Apolia’ shower mesmeric keyboard washes over female choral voices to stunning effect. Most memorable of all is ‘Jigsaw G’ which, incongruously enough, contains a tune which recalls the verses to Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ complete with its very own version of cathedrals of noise.

The album draws comparisons with a less mannered take on John Foxx’s ‘Cathedral Oceans’ series but also the more out there dreampop of Flying Saucer Attack. Either way, it’s moving, compelling and evocative music which would no doubt be perfect for soundtracking large, slow moving objects on nature documentaries.

Web Sites:
Somehow Ecstatic Label Site
Bandcamp Stream of Giorgos Grigorakos

Further Listening:
John Foxx, Flying Saucer Attack


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