Review: Cuushe – Butterfly Case

There are some very special talents emerging from Japan at the moment. Following hot on the heels of Ikebana’s brilliant debut, comes another Japanese female act, a solo artist named Cuushe. Her second album follows four years on from her debut but it sounds so fresh and dreamy, any prolonged absence is immediately forgiven.

Cuushe Album Cover

Kicking off with the ambient disco of ‘Sort Of Light’ is an ideal way to start and it’s possibly an alternative dancefloor anthem in the making. Hypnotic blissfulness reaches even greater heights for the following ‘I Dreamt About Silence’ and the head-nodding brilliance of ‘Twilight’. Remarkably, Cuushe’s vocals rarely stretch outside of her default whisper and sigh but she forms an additional layer to the already gorgeous instrumental arrangements on offer. Yet whilst Cuushe’s vocals are in the clouds, the production is grounded enough so the tunes don’t get washed away. By way of an example, ‘Butterfly’ is propelled by beats and propulsive keyboard washes. Later, in a rare moment of tension on ‘Lost My Way’, an unusual but compulsive mix of stentorian piano and bubbling keyboards seem to be closing in on Cuushe as her cries become increasingly more desperate but she sounds released again for the spine tingling sugar rush of ‘Swing Your Heart’

To say that ‘Butterfly Case’ acts as a kind of soothing balm would be to dismiss the other side of the record because it’s so euphoric in terms of melody, beats and heavenly vibe. At the heart of it all of course is Cuushe herself, a romantic soul lost in her own wonderful dreamworld and what a world it must be.

Web Sites:
Cuushe Official Site
Bandcamp Stream for Cuushe – Butterfly Case

Further Listening:
Rabbit Velvet, Ikebana, Color Filter


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