Review: The Angling Loser – Author Of The Twilight

A common criticism concerning ambient records is that they are so subtle in their approach you barely notice them. So when an ambient record is based on the largely uneventful pastime of fishing, alarm bells may ring, or at least, in this case, distant ships bells may tinkle. Yet fear not, for The Angling Loser AKA Lee Anthony Norris “and friends” is a simply inspired instrumental record, abundant with pastoral delights.

The Angling Loser Album Materials

The album is split into six distinctly-labelled pieces, beginning logically enough with ‘Dawn’. Here we get the expected bird song and gently running water, with drone effects simulating that hazy, “just woken up” vibe as nature comes into focus whilst languid guitar passages provide the gentle melancholy. Yet even though it sounds obvious on paper, it’s a beautifully evoked scene in reality. Then comes ‘Morning’ and amongst the throbbing layers, the piece emerges slowly and majestically not unlike Bark Psychosis’s ‘Pendulum Man’. ‘Evening’ is a mesmerising marriage of resonating acoustic guitar and shimmering effects, the shape shifting ‘Twilight’ blurs and distorts to disorientating effect, in turn seguing into the murky, sinister suggestions of ‘Night’. To conclude, there’s a final version of ‘Dawn’ in busier, reprise mode to end what has been a throughly eventful journey after all.

We’re not actually short of gentle ambient records these days but ‘Author Of The Twilight’ is one of those special albums with its own unique atmosphere, which deserves to be savoured. Just like fishing then, spend enough time on it and you will eventually be rewarded.

Web Sites:
The Angling Loser – Author Of The Twilight Bandcamp Stream
Time Released Sound Label and Shop Site

Further Listening:
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