Review: Evoletah – We Ache For The Moon

Sometimes you sense that certain artists have an irresistible urge to get some music out there. The band members of Australian act Evoletah were old friends who appeared in other bands, then did the usual thing of moving cities and having children but now they are drawn together again in their aim to bring something new to willing listeners.

Evoletah Album Cover

As the title attests, the album has hand-wringing angst and longing written all over it; sometimes expressed overtly, at other times quietly nagging away. For the former category, guest vocalist Katie Underwood proves to be a dominant force on whatever she sings on. A former singer with Bardot, she elevates the opening ‘Halfway’ to an intense finale and on the following ‘Time’ the song evolves into a jazzy detour which perhaps lasts a little longer than it needs to. It sounds more like a solo showcase for Underwood rather than Evoletah as a band but the performance is certainly impressive regardless of that.

The group slowly establish their identity as the album unfolds and soon it becomes clear Evoletah know their way around a classy, jazz-infused melancholic tune, first evidenced on ‘The Eleventh Hour’ which shows the their potential as an Australian version of The Blue Nile. ‘Drive’, ‘Everyone Waits For Nothing’ and ‘Black & Blue’ all revel in subtle arrangements and rainy day atmospheres and on ‘The Forgetting’, Evoletah jettison the jazz stylings completely as all frontman Matt Cahill’s emotional outpourings are set to some inspired, driving indie rock.

‘We Ache For The Moon’ is clearly an emotional record and one which delivers its sad outlook with dignity and experienced musicianship. The mood can err towards the over-earnest at times but no one can doubt the conviction of Cahill and his well-drilled bandmates.

Web Sites:
Evoletah Official Site
Video of Evoletah’s ‘Halfway’

Further Listening:
Cousteau, Copenhagen


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