Review: Scarlet Youth – The Everchanging View

Scarlet Youth began life as a collaboration between Markus Baltes from Germany and Finland’s Kalle Pyyhtinen in 2004. They make rhythmic, melodic electronica/indie pop which should find favour with fans of the Morr Music label. ‘The Everchanging View’ may only be their second album but it has an air of confidence, containing songs which appeal to both the head and the heart.

Scarlet Youth Album Cover

For the superb opening couplet ‘You And Me’ and ‘Coastlines’, there is an air of wistful melancholia and some familiar moody bass rhythms suggests a kinship with those other purveyors of wistful melancholia, The Wake. In fact the opening half to the album is about as perfect as swooning electro-pop gets. ‘This Night Is Ours’ features a totally gorgeous tune; comforting and euphoric at the same time whilst ‘Cool Kids’ is winningly nostalgic, building up from a piano-led intro into a serene chorus. Granted, if there is a flaw it is there isn’t too much variation in approach from the band and on the slightly weaker second half there are a couple of tracks where the consistently smooth melodies become washed away. Nevertheless, on ‘Someday I’ll Be Fine Again’ they rediscover the earlier brilliant form and remarkably, even though ‘New Shore’ is only given bonus track status, its breezily doleful tone is immediately seductive, making it one of the highlights.

‘The Everchanging View’ certainly doffs its cap to a number of older bands but its all carried off with a real European flair and élan. “Beautiful dreaminess” proclaims the press release. The press release is correct.

Web Sites:
Scarlet Youth Official Site
Scarlet Youth SoundCloud
Scarlet Youth – Someday I’ll Be Fine Again

Further Listening:
Styrofoam, The Wake


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