Review: Anzio Green – A Day Without Distance

‘A Day Without Distance’ is the second album from a seasoned duo of electronic artists, Mark Streatfield (Zainetica, Cyan341) and Wil Bolton (Cheju and The Ashes Of Piemont), operating under the banner of Anzio Green. The twosome have been used to collaborating from remote locations in the past (Streatfield from the UK, Bolton in New Zealand) but this latest album was recorded in the rather more unglamorous setting of Bolton’s Liverpool studio.

Anzio Green Album Cover

First impressions vary wildly based on opener ‘Morning Tea’. There’s a twinkle of folktronica here, the shivery, rumbling electronica of Vladislav Delay there; all managing to evoke images of both frosty evenings and summer mornings. On ‘Fall Down’ their named influence of Slowdive begins to make sense as a wispy turn from a guest vocalist glides along lush layers of dreamy synths. Yet whilst that track is a little too insipid and in danger of being washed away, the far more involving ‘Sunset Solitude’ intrigues with its haunting mix of nature samples and abstract ambience. Thereafter, Bolton and Streatfield find a reach seam of form which continues to the album’s conclusion, the mesmerising, New Zealand-referencing ‘Never Go Back’. The most edifying moments are saved for the centre of the album, however, where the enigmatic title track and ‘Tall Grass’ bookend the disarmingly subtle ‘Thunderstorm’, which achieves the impact promised in the title by means of slow-building stealth.

After an inauspicious beginning, ‘A Day Without Distance’ gradually worms its way into the brain and Anzio Green join an impressive new wave of artists who bind together nature and electronic music to achieve moving results. This is complex, multi-textured music which proves these experienced hands can still show the way forward for the young pretenders.

Web Sites:
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Further Listening:
Planivaar, The Angling Loser, Vladislav Delay, The Green Kingdom


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