Review: The Attic Ends – Mark Of The Moon (Part Two)

Brooklyn’s The Attic Ends originally made their mark with their ethereal indie rock for last year’s ‘The Sky Begins (Part One)’. They are aiming even further with ‘Part Two’, cleverly entitled ‘Mark Of The Moon’, and they are ready to travel via different musical routes to get them there.

The Attic Ends EP Cover

It takes a while to get to it but ‘Radio’ has a fine if somewhat unexpected chorus. The title is entirely appropriate given that it has more in common with the AOR/FM rock of Fleetwood Mac rather than the quasi-gothic pop of their previous EP. Emphasising the band’s softer side further, for ‘No More Angels’ Samantha Rex’s voice lowers to a hushed whisper and the song has a breathy elegance and arrangement which makes it one of the strongest tracks.

This leads to the contrasting ‘Pharoah’; unearthing the rockier side to the band that continues for the second half of the EP. Pleasingly, the group provide the necessary intensity and rhythmic backbone without seeming to do battle with Rex and they repeat the trick again for the riff-heavy ‘More Than Lovers’. Whereas ‘The Sky Begins’ featured the best song at the beginning, it’s the final track of ‘Mark Of The Moon’, the towering title song, which takes the plaudits here thanks largely to guitarist Pete Hur’s best hook and Rex’s strident performance.

Overall, the band sound like a much more cohesive unit this time, whilst also expanding their palette to incorporate less indie/alternative influences. Whether these contrasting styles will confuse or excite fans, there’s a definite vibe to ‘Mark Of The Moon’ which makes one think back to the late 1980’s.

Web Sites:
The Attic Ends Official Site
Stream The Attic Ends – Mark Of The Moon (Part Two)

Further Listening:
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