VULPIX is a one man dream-pop project from Hoppers Crossing, Australia, fashioned by Jordan Barrow. ‘SWARMS’ was designed to capture the dying moments of a perfect day but there’s a definite underlying sadness to these four songs which have their roots in early 80’s indie pop.

Vulpix Album Cover

Beginning with ‘Child Star’, there’s a mélange of slurred, delirious yet appealing vocals from Barrow and a strident, continuous bassline. Normally when strident basslines are employed, comparisons with Peter Hook aren’t too far away and the second track bears the hallmarks of New Order’s gift for melody even more, right down to a slightly off-key chorus. On the superb ‘Hazy’ Barrow’s airy vocals contrast beautifully with the doleful indie rock melody. It’s a wistful, sad and romantic tune, like a rendezvous between The Wake and Ambulance Ltd. To end with, ‘Nightvision’ may feature prominent usage of a primitive drum machine but the song conveys human emotions of loneliness and helplessness via the medium of glistening guitars and lovelorn lyrics such as “Take me out to the ocean. I will drown”.

Barrow admits that he spent a lot of time in bands without to anything to show from it. On the evidence of ‘SWARMS’, he certainly has songs to be proud of now and it would be much appreciated if he could follow it up with an album of similar quality.

Web Sites:
Vulpix Bandcamp

Further Listening:
New Order, The Wake, The Drums

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