Review: Greguy – Minor Injury

Frenchman Grégory Vrecsics claims inspiration from electronic stalwarts Tangerine Dream, Jean-Michel Jarre and Vangelis but as is often the case with artists on Bearsuit Records, this only tells half the story. Using a nom de plume of Greguy, Vrecsics may have titled his EP ‘Minor Injury’ but he has the potential to have a major impact.

Greguy EP Cover

The title track is the obvious place to start and immediately demonstrates a penchant for mixing strings with vintage electronic music and a modern production. There are confident swathes of synths and beats here but these are balanced by noirish viola and some lighter than air harmonies from guest vocalist  Léa Cervini,  all of which creates a wonderfully original alternative pop song. ‘Close To Me’ follows suit and is another sublime combination of strings and electronica, with Vrecsics also revealing himself to be a romantic at heart with a tender and vulnerable delivery in front of the mic. Elsewhere, ‘Temps’ rides on the kind of opulent keyboards which aforementioned influence Monsieur Jarre would be proud of whilst  ‘American Way Of Life’ is a less exciting affair but gains flight and gravitas on the bonus version recorded with Cervini. Credit too for the last bonus track  which paraphrases Depeche Mode’s ‘Pleasure Little Treasure’ and this surprisingly excellent dance/pop number has a wired, cracked-up energy of its own making.

Considering there is less than twenty minutes of music here, there are ideas in abundance which will keep fans of maverick electronic pop salivating in anticipation for what Greguy does said. That said, this is still one of the more mainstream records from Bearsuit Records and arguably their most commercially-viable offering to date.

Web Sites:
Bearsuit Records Label Site
Bandcamp Stream for Greguy – Minor Injury

Further Listening:
Avril, Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream


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