Review: One Star Closer – Another Shape Of Purity

Hailing From Belarus, One Star Closer is a post-rock project dreamed up by Vladislav Petkevich. ‘Another Shape Of Purity’ is the second album from this one man band as he conjures up some impressive instrumental works which endeavour to steer clear from genre clichés.

One Star Closer Album Cover

‘There Must Be A Song Called Home’ is an epic and darkly cinematic introduction to the world of One Star Closer. Thereafter Petkevich’s journey continues to explore other landscapes whilst still staying true to post-rock roots. ‘Earth Doesn’t Always Seem To Be The Place Where We All Belong’ is full of nagging guitars but buoyed the sounds of lovely strings, ‘And The Sirens Will Follow Us’ edges into heavy metal territory (whilst ‘Alaska Awaits’ merely revels in it) and the modestly-named ‘Interlude’ is a lovely, fragrant piano piece.

When Petkevich puts all the best elements together he can make some beautiful and stirring instrumentals too; hitting a real purple patch towards the middle of the record for the joyous ‘Make Friends With Mountains, They Said’ and a dynamic ‘Burn As Bright As The Stars’. Only when nearing the end of the record does the album lose its intensity, as the ideas begin to run out or drift into pleasantness, although the rather fine ambient closer, ‘Mesonoxian’, opens up possibilities for future albums.

All in all, even if it never threatens to catch fire, ‘Another Shape Of Purity’ is a worthy addition to the ever-growing collection of quality post-rock albums. The album possesses insistent melodies and the willingness to incorporate different moods, styles and instruments, to ensure that the listener is kept entertained for the vast majority of the record.

Web Sites:
One Star Closer Bandcamp Page

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