Review: Glue Trip – Just Trippin EP

Lucas Moura and Felipe Augusto live in a small coastal city in North East Brazil, resplendent with tropical scenery and tropical weather. It must be a fine source of inspiration for making music and the duo have duly obliged with their first EP of psychedelic pop.

Glue Trip EP Cover

‘Elbow Pain’ isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last song to be influenced by the beach, nostalgia and the break up of a relationship but the captivating mix of languid flamenco guitars, falsetto vocals and thick production to the fore. This paints a picture which is original, colourful and – let’s be honest about it –  trippy. The vibe on the next trip is considerably more folk-flavoured on the excellent ‘La Edad Del Futuro’ with wistful flute and organ melodies interweaving expertly with the duo’s chanting. ‘Birds Singing Lies’ sees the duo experiment with samples of avian calls to chilling effect whilst ‘Lucid Dream’ presents a moment of skewed beauty; all swirling keyboards and slightly off-key Beach Boys harmonies.

They begin to overdo the sleepy effect on the drowsy closers  ‘Sophie’ and ‘Old Blood’ but maybe that was the idea all along and Moura and Augusto are musical geniuses designing the perfect soundtrack to evoke a dreamlike state and eventual sleep. Either way, the whole experience certainly adds up to something far more substantial than any suggestions of drug-fuelled nonsense they might initially be mistaken for.

Web Sites:
Bandcamp Stream for Glue Trip – Just Trippin

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