Review: Mr. Forest Green – Fluorescent Night

Mr. Forest Green have emerged from Modesto, California and simply sum up their genre as “indie”. This admittedly open-ended description is probably the easiest way to define this fascinating EP which straddles shoegaze, post-rock and even a smidgen of folk in search of multi-layered euphoria.

Mr. Forest Green EP Cover

In keeping with the nature-themed band name, a chorus of bird song opens the EP but then a cavalcade of guitars begins accompanied by a brief sequence of aching vocals. There’s a definite shoegaze ambience here but then there’s also dense passages of acoustic guitars in the mix too so the effect is like listening to a rustic version of The Walkmen. ‘Disregarded Love’ layers on the guitars too, with once again little in the way of human voices but plenty of dreamy melodrama.

The lack of vocals on the first two tracks is actually a little disappointing since they are strong and expressive when they do feature. Thankfully, they are much more prominent on the engaging ‘Casual Convenience’ and ‘Yellow Orange’. The production could benefit from a little more clarity but they are clearly emerging as songwriters rather than post-rockers with the latter offering, in particular, ratcheting up the intensity levels. Meanwhile, the final track, ‘Hollow’, is slightly trippy and psychedelic, showing a different slant to the group’s ouevre.

Overall, it’s an encouraging start for this fledgling band which has the key elements you would demand from any new act. Good songs, creative arrangements and a myriad of directions they could take forward for future releases. Therefore, ‘Fluorescent Night’ is definitely good indie.

Web Sites:
Mr. Forest Bandcamp

Further Listening:
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