Review: Plastic Flowers – Evergreen

Greek duo Plastic Flowers promise not only the gift of dreampop but also lyrics of everyday madness and this element, plus a working knowledge of British indie, adds to the charm and mystery of a really rather touching record. Its creators are Thessalonians Giorgos Samaras and Aggelos Pashalidis.

Plastic Flowers Album Cover

On their debut ‘Evergreen’, the voices are as gentle and whispered as the melodies are romantic and wistful. At its most strident, ‘Vicious Victims’ is jangly indie pushed into dreamier territory by the smooth production and keyboard washes whilst ‘Gone Wrong’ is moody and introspective, reflecting the lovelorn message suggested by the title. Their glum basslines and heavenly synths reveal a familiarity with The Wake and the words they sing, though reassuring on the surface (“things will turn around” from ‘Fog Song’ or “you better tell me that it’s going to be alright” from ‘Your Smile’), have a helpless undertow which suggests that they don’t really believe that things are going to be all right. They’ve definitely perfected the bittersweet nature of indie pop, but they also explore their acoustic tastes for Ed Askew collaboration ‘Love Is Above All’ (where they resemble Kings Of Convenience recorded in a basement) whilst for ‘Ghosts’ they enlist the assistance of female vocalist Keep Shelly in Athens on one of their most commercially-orientated numbers.

Those guest contributors certainly add different flavours but when all is said and done though, this is a compact, infectious album, which crams in eleven songs in less than thirty minutes. So, above all it’s a pop album with ‘Evergreen’ full to the brim with melancholic gems.

Web Sites:
Plastic Flowers Page on Inner Ear Label Site
Plastic Flowers – Evergreen on Bandcamp

Further Listening:
The Wake, VULPIX, The Radio Dept., Letting Up Despite Great Faults


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