Review: The Landing – We Are

In a world populated by faceless solo projects, the decision by New York’s The Landing to keep his identity hidden is hardly an original one. One may also cast suspicion on the artist’s quest of “seeking to turn the struggle of finding one’s place in the Universe into an anthem for the optimistic”. What is most important, though, is that his music is a fascinating and addictive type of “space pop”.

The Landing EP Cover

A spoken word introduction from Alan Watts’ ‘Who Am I?’ lecture adds a layer of intrigue to the start of the EP but on a musical level ‘We Are’ amounts to little more than slightly odd electro-soul limbering up for the main events to follow. However, on ‘Anxieties’ the talent begins to shine through. It’s a strident number containing infectious lyrics such as “Fall asleep just to wake up. Still I don’t want to go to bed.” perfectly fitting in with the dance-friendly, almost tropical pop sound. The falsetto vocals are in full flow for ‘Pale Blue’ and they are layered impressively alongside beats, bleeps and synth melodies, then the well-titled ‘Strange Charm’ revolves around an elegant classical piano hook, contrasting with swooning, lighter than air vocals. To end with, ‘Write It Down’ employs another looped melody (this time from a guitar) and a late night soul ambience to form the foundations but it then spins off into the ether with a state of twinkling atmospherics.

The Landing joins the recent daysdeaf as another excellent one man operation to merge soul with dream pop arrangements. Despite its short length, the five songs form a compelling and seamless whole and philosophies and cover stories aside, what The Landing does next should be very interesting indeed.

Web Sites:
The Landing Official Site
The Landing SoundCloud
Video for The Landing – Anxieties

Further Listening:
daysdeaf, The Beauty Room

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