Review: quickly quietly – Falling Beams EP

The ethos of New York’s quickly quietly is based on “song, texture, rhythm, and electricity” and after hearing their new ‘Falling Beams EP’, it’s hard not to be a subscriber to their mindset. Each of the four band members here looks after two instruments, which incorporates Moog synths and samples alongside the traditional rock set-up. It’s an excellent idea which keeps the ideas fresh and ensures each contributor brings his own style to the performance.

quickly quietly EP Cover

The underlying melody to ‘Daily Echo’ may be reminiscent of Boards Of Canada’s ‘roygbiv’ but here the eerie vocals and disorientating beats add new layers of indie mystery to this arresting opener. ‘Lost Causes’ addresses more earthly concerns, as the group strive for an authentic rock experience with elements of psychedelia creeping into the mix. However, the psych rock influences are much clearer to see on ‘Cold Open’, where the swirling keyboards, sludgy production and menacing vocals revive the late 1960’s with a modern production sheen. This then leads to the excellent ‘World Unfurl’ which sounds addictive as soon as the bass and drum intro kicks in and then develops into a fine, glum, post punk-styled song. It’s then left to ‘Falling Beams (Flitcraft)’ to end the EP in an experimental orgy of layered keyboards, effects and beats; making up for the absence of a recognisable tune with some insane and intense playing.

There’s only five tracks here but whether you define it as indie rock or psychedelic rock, there’s some special music here which suggests quickly quietly are a versatile act intent on genre bending. More of this please, chaps, and as quickly and loudly as you can produce it.

Web Sites:
Bandcamp Stream for quickly quietly – Falling Beams EP
quickly quietly Official Site

Further Listening:
Triptides, Boards Of Canada


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