Review: The Will To Power – Twilight State

The Will To Power hail from Winnipeg in Canada although their nearest comparisons would certainly be fellow synth pop/darkwave act Cold Cave from the US. There’s definitely that same sense of danceable doom running in this band’s DNA.

Will To Power EP Cover

You could be forgiven for thinking that there’s a recording fault on the opening track called ‘The Will To Power’, where one hears the aural equivalent of a swarm of insects. No matter, it’s brief and certainly gets your attention. Moving on to the first song, ‘Go On’ features great slabs of synths and beats and some nasally, digitised vocals. In a cold-hearted way it’s effective and thus a similar formula continues until the end of the EP.

Based on its lively intro, ‘Live’ could be the prelude to a techno party but sure enough the euphoria is balanced by Will To Power’s sad monotone. ‘Tempt’ has a lot more substance, though, from the moment its pounding drum beats are heard; the synths are aching in parallel with the despairing vocals. The vital signs continue to be heard on ‘Cure’ where the contrast between danceable beats and downbeat vocals is a winning combination. Even if there is never too much cause for optimism on this release, the closing ‘Time’is an uplifting moment; so much so even the singing sounds like it’s been injected with a dose of positivity.

Bands who immediately make you think of another act are always going to suffer by comparison but ‘Twilight State’ sounds better the more you hear it, when even the somewhat undistinguished voices merge, or even drown, into the appealing machine-made layers. Overall, The Will To Power present a very agreeable take on the alternative club night.

Web Sites:
Bandcamp Stream for The Will To Power – Twilight State

Further Listening:
Stellarscope, Cold Cave


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