Review: Warpaint – Warpaint

It’s hard to believe that Warpaint have now been together for a decade but at least the quality control levels of their slim back catalogue have been maintained at a high level. Their thunder was in danger of being stolen by the not dissimilar-sounding Savages in recent times but their second album at least sees them share the throne, if not quite dislodging their “rivals”.

Warpaint Album Cover

‘Intro’ presents a cinematic, eerie prelude for what is to follow and neatly segues into ‘Keep It Healthy’, where the cornerstones of Warpaint’s DNA: bone chilling vocals, intense post-punk rhythms and gothic splendour are all present and correct. Most of Warpaint’s best work is shot through with simmering tension. ‘Love Is To Die’ is a strong example, unravelling deliciously and ‘Hi’ ratchets up the drama and angst even further.

Warpaint also break out of their cool, gothic trappings on their second album. ‘Biggy’ is enjoyable outre pop, on ‘Son’ they resemble a haunted 60’s girl group and on ‘Disco/Very’ they create their own alternative club anthem which will definitely be the song which divides the band’s followers, not to mention the sight of seeing the band members “throwing shapes” in the skate park promo. That song is closer to M.I.A. than Savages but the sinister, edgy ‘CC’ and the trippy folk of ‘Son’ ensure normal order is restored.

All credit to Warpaint for not sticking to their tried and tested approach, even though they could have produced a perfectly acceptable album by taking this route. The album is forward-thinking and eclectic but the band never lose their distinctive ability to create music which is both infectious and insidious.

Web Sites:
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