Review: On Your Horizon – In, Empty

Post-rock band On Your Horizon have built up a good reputation in their native Turkey, sharing stage time with pioneers Mogwai as well as The XX. Whilst it would be easy to say the Scottish outfit are likely to be an influence to the Istanbul band, ‘In, Empty’ reveals them to be confident in their own abilities and ideas to stand on their own two feet.

On Your Horizon EP Cover

‘S.T.M.F.’ locates a pleasing halfway house between Explosions In The Sky and dreamier acts such as The Workhouse. It’s a great beginning, featuring towering walls of guitars to evoke the desired feelings of sadness and euphoria. Trumpets and a well controlled sense of melodrama help to distinguish ‘Untitled #1’ from the quiet to loud transition and even the inclusion of some hard rock guitar solo parts are welcome when an instrumental is executed as well as this.

Snippets of crooner classic “That Old Black Magic” offers a strange introduction to the title track, where the inclusion of a cello provides a beautiful counterpoint at first but by the end, when the angry guitars are unleashed, the effect becomes somewhat jarring. After the atonal ‘Bir Rüya’ interlude, ‘…Thee In The Deluge Of Noah’ is as suitably portentous as the title suggests. The surprise is that it builds gracefully from slow, jazzy percussion but then doesn’t go into the overdrive it threatens. Indeed, instead it dips into the ornate territory of Radio For The Daydreamers. So credit to the band for not falling into cliché, which is something they manage well throughout this impressively diverse EP.

Web Sites:
On Your Horizon Bandcamp
On Your Horizon Tumblr

Further Listening:
Radio For The Daydreamers, Explosions In The Sky, The Workhouse


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