Review: Torn Curtain – Dogs And Whales

Biographical information on downtempo act Torn Curtain is scant to say the least. However, what we do know is that the man behind the moniker is Nick from Ryazan in Russia.

Torn Curtain Album Cover

‘No Matter’ represents a sombre start but then the subtle melody of ‘Untitled #1’ takes hold and amongst the synth melodies and slow beats, the nocturnal charm of the instrumentals begins to take effect. Nick’s technique works most tellingly on ‘Little Jack Davy’ and ‘Underwater’. It can be no coincidence that both of these tracks employ soul vocal samples; emphasising the lonely, late night atmosphere of this album. The musician is prepared to experiment even though the forlorn guitars and somewhat new age atmospherics for ‘Stormy Weather’ amount to little more than pleasant background music. Indeed, sometimes the music drifts along a little aimlessly, like the space chill out by numbers of ‘Voyager 1’ but at least the long drawn out beats and crisp rhythms of the last two offerings, ‘Accident’ and ‘Arctic Sunrise’, provide more substantial moments of melancholy.

‘Dogs And Whales’ is too understated to make it essential listening but it works well as an album to listen to in the wee small hours. The curtain may be torn but more can be achieved if it were to be fully opened to new influences, because that’s when this material begins to take flight.

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