Review: Coriaplex – One Way To Forever

When an album is described as an “emotional journey”, it’s hard not to think of some doomed X Factor contestant, yet in the case of Lewes’ Jules Bangs the claim actually holds true. Back in the 1990’s, Bangs was apparently the bass player in Birdman Ray. Now based in Lewes in the UK, whatever his old band sounded like, his new musical identity as Coriaplex must surely be a much more understated affair.

Coriaplex Album Cover

The introductory ‘Deep Into The Heart Of The Sky’ is distinguished by bright, ambient flavours, with a Mike Oldfield-esque guitar melody. It’s a delicate start but then this is a rather delicate album. Amongst the proggy titles, there are certainly plenty of gems here, such as the quietly atmospheric acoustic number ‘Eta Carinea’ and ‘In The Arc Of Forgotten Light’, which builds into some hand-wringing post-rock. Slowly but surely Bangs begins to make his mark.

‘Of Hope In Endless Sleep’ brings in a desolate piano and the effect once more is deliciously spare and melancholic; every brush or caress of the percussion seems well considered too. ‘Ghost On The Carousel’ is as haunting and nostalgic as the title suggests and by the time of the extended finale ‘Infinite Momentum’, it feels like day has passed and night has begun as Bangs recalls the warm tones of Labradford on what is possibly the best track on the album.

Mature without ever being dull, ‘One Way To Forever’ washes over you after the first couple of listens but eventually its subtleties begin to have the effect the “emotional journey” promised. All things considered, Bangs has made a late night delight.

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