Review: Kahl Monticone – Monkey-Flower-Shell

Australia’s Kahl Monticone is a man to be envied. For the last decade, he has been working four days a week at Queenland’s largest and oldest independent record store and away from the shop he is a busy musician; having played in numerous bands and shared stages with Low, Rowland S. Howard and Damo Suzuki during a lengthy career. Judging by ‘Monkey-Flower-Shell’, he’s a very talented artist too.

Kahl Monticone Album Cover

Each of these short pieces are named as Part numbers 1 to 11; varying in texture and tone but following a logical progression. Most tracks feature woozy ambience, rustic passages of guitar and rumbling percussion. The inclusion of these layers creates a folktronica feel which hits a peak for the tender and forlorn Part 5. In addition, Monticone populates his compositions with playful, children’s TV-worthy segments (Part 8) and gorgeous juxtapositions of disorientating rhythms and sweet tunes (Parts 3, 6 and 10 deserving special mention).

These “carefully constructed miniatures” are delightful, with the only criticism being you want them to last for longer. However, treated as one long instrumental piece, ‘Monkey-Flower-Shell’ consistently delivers with its intricate melodies and arrangements.

Web Sites:
Duskdarter Label Site
Stream for Kahl Monticone – Monkey-Flower-Shell

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