Review: Shadowpeak – Shadowpeak

The name may suggest a goth rock outfit but Shadowpeak are a band more concerned with shoegaze and dream pop, it seems. However, this band from Utrecht in the Netherlands certainly belong to the dark side when it comes to inspiration on their brutally effective first EP.

Shadowpeak EP Cover

‘Daisy’ begins as slowcore but then grinds its way to a near-apocalyptic state, then slows down and repeats the formula once more. It’s an attention grabbing and intense beginning for the band which relies on only the faintest of vocals. Grinding guitars are to the fore again for ‘Inside My Dreams’ which features some murmuring female voices but it’s another rather bleak affair. So too is ‘Remembrance’, a track with the most pronounced gothic rock leanings thanks to its spindly guitar interplay, whereas for ‘Falling Down’ and ‘Wild Dreams’ the feet are pressed firmly down on the FX pedals; the folk vocals emerging on the latter providing a rare moment of fragility. Not surprisingly, by the time of the pummeling, breathless finale ‘Fernweh’, Shadowpeak’s energy must have been well and truly sapped, bringing a close to this EP.

To play on the name of the band, they could do with peeking out of the darkness a little more at times because this is heavy, murky material which could do with some variety. Having said that, the relentlessness musicianship and aggression of Shadowpeak’s performance should prove to be very durable for head nodders everywhere.

Web Sites:
Shadowpeak Bandcamp

Further Listening:
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