Review: Andrea Carri – Chronos

It’s been a productive period for Italian piano/ambient composers, with Luca Ciut and Bruno Bavota both impressing with their recent albums. Andrea Carri is a labelmate of Bavota and one who draws on the emotions of both himself and his listeners via some lovely compositions.

Andrea Carri Album Cover

As the title and cover art implies, ‘Chronos’ has a bit of a time fixation and accordingly the pieces within evoke many different eras. So ‘Past’ heads for Jean Michel Jarre territory with a celestial arrangement and ‘Future’ opts for stately strings which seems slightly at odds with the “Tangerine Dream meets Kraftwerk” beginning. Such ambition should be applauded but Carri is often best when he keeps it simple. In the case of ‘Oggetti Dimenticati’ (which translates as “Forgotten Toys”) one can imagine Sigur Ros using the melody and going for a hell for leather but Carri’s gentle, dignified approach means the track retains its innocence and purity. Furthermore, for ‘Present’, the composer evidences a mastery of pastoral ambience.

‘Le Parole Che Non Ti Ho Mai Detto’ and ‘Points Of View’ may provide more strident examples of the solo compositions but Carri’s mature performance ensures they never go overboard. All of which makes the inclusion of ‘Foglio Bianco’ (which discover an unholy alliance between Westlife’s ‘Flying Without Wings’ and the popular hymn ‘Colours Of Day’) all the more puzzling. Thankfully the lush, rich textures of ‘Music Is Eternity’ and ‘Dopo Un Raccolto Ne Viene Un Altro’ consign this aberration to a distant memory.

‘Chronos’ may be a little uneven at times and not quite as consistent as Mr. Bavota’s material. Yet overall this is another fine record from Irish-based Psychonavigation Records and proof of further modern classical talent on Italian shores.

Web Sites:
Andrea Carri Official Site
Psychonavigation Records
Andrea Carri’s Youtube Channel

Further Listening:
Bruno Bavota, Bruno Sanfilippo, Luca Ciut


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