Review: Maybeshewill – Fair Youth

Hailed by the metal press as well as the more fashionable indie mags, Leicester’s Maybeshewill are one of the acts whose brand of post-rock has that all-important crossover appeal. Yet perhaps their most interesting claim to fame so far is that they provide the “skate out” music for the Finnish national ice hockey team.

Maybeshewill Album Cover

‘Fair Youth’ is their fourth album and one which could appeal to a brand new audience together. This is apparent from the brief ambient introduction, simply titled ‘…’. Granted, this relatively calm beginning soon segues into the dramatic ‘In Amber’ but some beautifully flowing piano and seductive strings ensures the elegance is maintained. ‘You And Me And Everything In Between’ is the track which most fits into metal genres but once again the piano holds the key hook.

On an album which seems to continually improve as it progresses, the digitally enhanced title track is awash with twinkly atmospherics whilst ‘All Things Transient’ and the stunning ‘Sanctuary’ make light of their complex arrangement to create something bold, triumphant and melodically fascinating. Meanwhile, ‘Waking Life’ and ‘Permanence’ are exemplars on how it is possible to merge ambient music with heavier elements and produce results which are both vital and rather moving.

By the final swells and surges on a closing ‘Volga’, it’s easy to see why Maybeshewill are one of the most intriguing instrumental bands around and ‘Fair Youth’ proves that sometimes words are not necessary to convey emotion. On this form, we shouldn’t be surprised to see these mature yet stirring anthems being adopted by national teams the world over.

Web Sites:
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Video for Maybeshewill – In Amber

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