Review: Lettie – Crossroads

It was back in 2008 when Suffolk songstress Lettie released a double whammy of albums; showcasing both her acoustic and quirky electronica talents. Interest was duly piqued for lovers of female-led idiosyncratic pop although – and through no fault of her own – it wasn’t until 2012 that her next album arrived, the more commercially-friendly ‘Good Fortune, Bad Weather’. In anticipation of album number four, Lettie now teases us with a short but most definitely sweet EP, recorded with legendary drummer Dave Barbarossa, of Adam And The Ants and Bow Wow Wow renown.

Lettie EP Cover

‘Crossroads’ gets events underway with smooth synths and Barbarossa lending surprisingly subtle support. It’s a hopeful, optimstic number, positively declaring “I’ve made a decision, I’ve got to change my ways” with Lettie’s breezy yet mature delivery and rich arrangement ensuring that the song is moving rather than throwaway. As the title implies, ‘Drowning’ is a darker affair, Lettie’s innocent vocals forlornly declaring “I never thought you were drowning, you seemed so happy to me” against Barbrossa’s slick, crisp support. The song itself is reminiscent of the groove-pop of Luscious Jackson but with an added sinister undercurrent. ‘Lake’ is the track where the drummer’s reputation for tribal percussion is most noticeable; his lively backing and some primal guitar riffing providing the perfect foundation for Lettie’s most exuberant, playful performance, even if the song follows on from the theme of finding the supposed victim of the second track.

The EP is all over in under ten minutes but this is bittersweet pop music of the highest order, which will leave Lettie’s fan salivating for the next installment. Let us hope we will not have to wait too long.

Web Sites:
Lettie Blog
Lettie Official Site
Lettie Bandcamp

Further Listening:
Black Box Recorder, Sarah Nixey, Adam And The Ants, Luscious Jackson


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