Review: Creation Myth – Always

Having recently suffered from a migraine, some gentle, soothing balm-type music was called for so it seemed entirely appropriate to revisit Creation Myth’s EP. Modestly publicised, modestly produced and modestly sung, ‘Always’ is a long way from perfection and yet there are plenty of indications this Brooklyn trio could be a special band.

Creation Myth Album Cover

Floating along like a gentle version of Cocteau Twins (think ‘Victorialand’ with a drum machine), ‘Savor’ is a subtle and elegant way to start this EP. Granted the singer is no Liz Fraser and the production is nowhere near as polished (to be honest, whose production is?) but there’s a definite mystery and ethereal quality on this track which runs right through the whole EP. ‘It’s You’ is simply lovely and the best offering here. A glacial, lilting guitar melody floats along the languid rhythms whilst the vocals caress the listener into a state of euphoria.

‘Hold Me’ provides the most distortion-heavy moment and initially comes across as rather abrasive but at its core is an unwinding, chiming motif which holds the key to a fine if somewhat messily produced song. The title track is distinguished by a steady electronic pulse pushed to the foreground whilst a menagerie of effects provide the requisite atmospheric shimmer as the song heads into darker, murkier territory. ‘Lower’ returns to the ambient approach from the beginning of the EP and even though the song drifts into nowhere in particular, it maintains the appealing warmth of ‘Always’.

The final three tracks aren’t quite so captivating as the first two and yet they are still mesmerising and chilling in their own way. Given the lo-fi quality of this EP, it’s exciting to think how good this band could be even if they’re a long way from being the finished article.

Web Sites:
Creation Myth Bandcamp

Further Listening:
Cocteau Twins, The Plague Monkeys, Annie Barker, Cranes

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