Review: Alexia Avina – Kind Forest EP

Whereas some are given fifteen minutes of fame, Montreal-based artist Alexia Avina gives herself a mere ten on her debut EP. Yet via the medium of dream pop, freak folk and ambient music, she doesn’t waste the opportunity, by offering a quartet of sweetly seductive songs.

Alexia Avina Album Cover

The first impression, ‘(bored) Summer’, is resplendent with carefully plucked strings and Avina’s appealing, crystal clear voice. Her opening words of “I wanna go, free the things that hold me, I sit so still, waking in an avalanche” as well as being a tad eccentric, reveal a desire to escape from restraints. It’s a charming opener and ‘Rain + Boy’ uses a remarkably similar refrain but this time Avina is content to murmur mysteriously whilst the arrangement moves along at a glacial pace. ‘Walk Home’ runs even further with the ambient gauntlet and – as beguiling as her voice is – minimalism is a good fit for her. It is without doubt another dreamy moment on the EP but for the award of most memorable song, the honour must surely go to ‘Bedroom’. Here Avina’s ululations provoke tingling of spines and goosebumps too, which become even more pronounced when accompanied by the delightfully hypnotic melody. In this magical setting even a lyric of “Ooh would you wait there while I drift to sleep here in your room” convinces with innocent intentions.

‘Kind Forest EP’ evokes images of a young girl left alone with a box of clockwork toys. Yet as the instruments tick away, Avina seems to be awaking from the naivety of childhood to take the next stage in her life. Perhaps we’ll learn more about it on her next EP.

Web Sites:
Alexa Avina Bandcamp

Further Listening:
My Favourite Things, Ikebana

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