Review: DigitalNativeDance – Los Canarreos

Did anyone request instrumental themes for an imaginary 1980’s US cop show? Possibly not but DigitalNativeDance have produced one for us anyway. Tom Welsh is the musician behind the awkward moniker and has produced a fine set of pastiches; evocative of a time when PC didn’t stand for political correctness.

DigitalNativeDance EP Cover

‘Sunrise Intro’ offers the kind of slinky jazz fare which will have fans of (BBC comedy series) The Fast Show being compelled to say “Nice!”. The title track is festooned with rock guitars, twisting funk bass lines and the kind of synth-led atmospheres which can only suggest blazer and jeans-clad cops coasting along in their convertible. ‘Ocean Drive Through’ is the least demanding track and although it struggles to justify its six minute length it’s perfectly chilled out; dispensing some clean synth lines and a lilting, shimmering ambience in the process. This just leaves ‘After Dark’; a nocturnal yet bouncy number which sounds not unlike a Scritti Politti backing track thanks to its extravagant deployment of synth-funk, slap bass and other so-called 80’s crimes.

We’ve been down this road before, most recently with Rich Bennett’s ‘Buddy Cop’ project from 2010. Like that record, ‘Los Canarreos’ isn’t a release to take too seriously but converts to Grand Theft Auto and dyed in the wool Miami Vice fans will find a new soundtrack to enjoy here.

Web Sites:
DigitalNativeDance SoundCloud

Further Listening:
Rich Bennett, Jan Hammer, Scritti Politti

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