Review: Seashore Darkcave – Raw Wave EP

It’s hard to know what to expect from a Brazilian one man band calling himself Mad Mario. Certainly not instrumental variations of the classic early years of Factory Records, that’s for sure. Nevertheless that’s what Mad Mario and his intriguingly-titled Seashore Darkcave project has presented.

Seashore Darkcave EP Cover

‘The Plunging Breaker Evocation’ begins with a glummer than glum guitar intro; the kind of which The Drums would surely approve. Also prevalent are some neat retro synths and the crisp beats of a drum machine and thus the scene is set. ‘Strobo for Grootslang’ continues the theme with the music evoking a persistently moody era of post-punk a la The Wake or any number of bands you could care to mention from the period. Each track is interspersed with samples of crashing waves and sea birds; adding to the eerie aura. ‘Myotis Vivesi’ ratchets up the intensity with layers of reverb adding layers of doom to some already deeply melancholic music; in contrast with the more drawn-out movements of ‘She Sells Sea Shell’. Finally, a darkly hypnotic ‘Leviathan Trial Pride’ ensures the EP closes in compelling style.

Say what you will about the period fixation of ‘Raw Wave EP’ but these offerings are intricate, hook-heavy and surprisingly beguiling. For those who find the The Drums’ vocals a little too mannered but love the guitar work, Seashore Darkcave fill the void.

Web Sites:
Seashore Darkcave Bandcamp
Seashore Darkcave – Raw Wave EP

Further Listening:
The Drums, The Wake


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