Review: The Burgeoning – Love Alchemy, Life Algorithm

Pennsylvania’s The Burgeoning will have probably heard plenty of comments about their growing reputation but on the strength of their first half dozen songs, their fledgling music career is off to a flyer.

The Burgeoning EP Cover

After some BBC Radiophonic Workshop-style oddness for ‘(Nostalgia)’, it’s difficult to know what to expect next. However, worries are set aside when ‘Speak’ emerges with a heart bursting slice of euphoric pop and even if Logan Thierjung’s vocals veer towards emo territory, the layered, angular guitars are especially impressive. An involving ‘Death Of Social Networking’ boasts some escalating riffs matched by a sense of heightened pleasure. ‘Flicker’ and ‘That Day Of Yesterness’ resemble a cheerier Bloc Party although both songs begin to grate after their initial exuberance has worn off. However, the same cannot be said for stand out song ‘Lighthouse’, where Logan unleashes his full vocal repertoire on a joyful chorus. It’s a beautiful song, embellished by some sympathetic jangly melodies. There is further variation (not to mention further emphasis of the frontman’s star quality) on an the acoustic finale ‘I Am Deaf, You Are Blind’, too.

Perhaps typically for a new band, some of the songs favour complexity over emotional depth but on the basis of the outstanding ‘Speak’ and ‘Lighthouse’ alone, there is clearly a band here who can write ingenious, moving pop songs. Now they just need to expand these talents over the course of a full album.

Web Sites:
The Burgeoning Official Site
The Burgeoning – Lighthouse

Further Listening:
Bloc Party, McAlmont And Butler


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