Review: Passarella Death Squad – Ghosts EP

London’s Passarella Death Squad have the distinction of being both a cult clothing designer as well being purveyors of electronica that is both chilling and chilled. 2013’s ‘Giant EP’ impressed with its mesmeric, late night drive atmospherics. The ‘Ghosts EP’ is similar in theme.

Passarella Death Squad EP Cover

The title track floats on a gorgeous bed of piano loops, Kraftwerk rhythms and serene ambience. Emilie Albisser’s vocals have the suitably haunting gravitas to do justice to the title and the song possesses the allure to be listened to in a trance-like state. ‘Ghosts’ is intended as a tribute to notorious German dancer/actress Anita Berber and it is by some distance the best of the three offerings here. ‘Empire’ is more sparse and even more slow-paced than ‘Ghosts’; head nodding is advisable as the track thrives on repetition and hypnotic elements but Albisser is the real star here as her performance adds eeriness and beauty. By the time the last of trio is presented, the EP has lost its edge somewhat because ‘Something’s Burning’ is reminiscent of 90’s chill-out remixing and could do with extra ingredients and variety to liven it up somewhat.

So, it’s another fifteen minutes of superior chill-out/IDM. Once again, Passarella Death Squad’s music remains superficially attractive and although there’s not much to engage the heart and the soul, there’s plenty to keep the brain and feet satisfied.

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Passarella Death Squad – Ghosts EP

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