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A Note For Leonard’s Lair Blog Followers

Dear Blog Followers

I know quite a few of you readers have signed up to “follow” this blog which I believe sends you a notification whenever I post an article here. Please be aware that I link to all new reviews via the Leonard’s Lair Facebook Page too and I also post links to videos and songs (with succinct music-related comments) from there, which may appeal to your tastes. It depends which format of notification you prefer I guess but feel free to “subscribe” or “friend” Leonard’s Lair on Facebook, if this option is better for you.

Best wishes


News: Leonard’s Lair is now on Facebook!

Well, I added a Facebook page a couple of weeks ago actually. I very much doubt I’ll be tweeting anytime soon though!:

I intend to use the Facebook page for posting music videos (both old and new) and possibly other stuff too (I’d be grateful to hear any suggestions). However, this blog will still be the place for music reviews.



News: Interview with Scott Sinfield AKA Portal

Dear readers

Last week I teamed up with Brett Spaceman from [sic] Magazine to interview Scott Sinfield. The main subject matter discussed was his music recorded under the name of Portal but we also covered the Make Mine Music label which he co-founded and his new venture as Ringinglow. You can read the full transcript of the interview here.

Best wishes


Merry Christmas and End of Year Lists

Hi readers

Many thanks for anyone who reads the blog and to all the artists who have sent submissions for review. I hope you all enjoy the seasonal holidays, however you spend them.

I will be publishing my best of 2009 list when 2010 starts but in the meantime, it would be remiss of me not to direct you to the [sic] Magazine Writer Top Tens, 2009 These include the top 10 favourite albums of the year from music writers who know what they’re talking about, as well as yours truly.




Dear readers

I must apologise for the lack of updates on the blog. Unfortunately my day job has been taking over my spare time recently so I haven’t been able to post any reviews for a while now. However, normal service will be resumed over the next few days.

Thanks for the support.


General Information: New Postal Address for Submissions

Dear artists/label owners/PR companies

Since the 14th of July, I have been living at my new postal address. Today I e-mailed some artists, label owners and PR companies to inform them of my new address. I have also set up a redirection from my old address so if you have sent something to my old house, it should still be forwarded to my new house.

If you’ve sent me review material in the past and you want to send me more stuff then I apologise for missing you off this list. Please drop me an e-mail and I’ll give you my new address details.

I think that’s covered everything!



General Information: Lack of Internet Access

Dear readers

As I mentioned last week, I have been moving house. Unfortunately, the place I have moved to isn’t ready for internet access yet (despite me booking the appointment to have it set up weeks ago, grrrrr!) so I can only go on-line at other people’s houses at the moment. I should be back online from the 30th July. In the meantime I’ll be writing my articles and then uploading them when I can, as I have done with the reviews for Eels and Placebo.

For this reason, it is unlikely I will be responding to many e-mails either.

Apologies and best wishes