Review: Burning Codes – Burning Codes

Burning Codes is a new act from Belfast which revolves around the talents of singer/songwriter Paul Archer. Having recently earned the right to be the support act for a Snow Patrol gig as well as contributing to a previous album of theirs, the patronage of such famous friends certainly won’t harm Archer’s chances for future success. Yet the music is far removed from any epic rock ideals. Instead it’s an album of quiet warmth; perfectly suited to the cold Winter months.


Languid, psychedelic guitar jangle and gentle harmonies are the order of the day on Archer’s debut. For the gospel-tinged ‘Away’, ‘Light Is Coming’ and ‘Go’, the effect is suitably hymnal. Then there’s a couple of rock-orientated songs. ‘Cloak & Dagger’ rides in on an insistent riff as the vocals soar whilst the guitars, for once, grind angrily for ‘Circles’. Whereas the efforts of the (not totally dissimilar) Spiritualized have a tendency to become drowned in quasi-religious OTT arrangements, Archer’s intimate vocals and subtle use of choral backing is simple and uncluttered and far more moving as a result.

If there is a criticism to be aimed at the album it is that many of the songs subscribe to a very similar structure and pace, with little apparent variation. Yet the songs are so comforting, spiritual and hypnotic it’s easy to picture them enticing atheists into the church.

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Burning Codes Official Site
Burning Codes MySpace
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