Review: BFF – The Mossy Rock Album

BFF is the musical outlet for Californian Egan Rice. Despite being aided by several other musicians, ‘The Mossy Rock Album’ sounds like one of those bedroom boffin albums where a warped imagination produces moments that suggest either inspiration or emergency psychiatric treatment. Rice is not without his mad moments but his first album happily falls in to the former category.

The opening ‘Mossy Rock’ gets things off to a flyer; building from its Beck-like verses to an attractively grunge-fuelled chorus. Influences from further back are captured for ‘Daily Wage’ and ‘Aslant’ (a sleazy funk track), where Squeeze seems to be a reference point.  Rice’s vocals are strident and versatile without being overpowering, which isn’t always the case with singer songwriters. On ‘Bertha Champagne’ he even manages to sound soulful. Other standouts include the simple but catchy ‘Don’t You Know’ and quirky electronic nuggets ‘Not Yet’  and ‘Racetack!’.

A few amateurish moments aside, ‘The Mossy Rock Album’ is a very infectious little album that embraces the more idiosyncratic side of pop. It’s a world where no song is like another and each follows its own melodic and stylistic journey.

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BFF Official Site
BFF MySpace

Further Listening:
Squeeze, Beck


2 Responses to “Review: BFF – The Mossy Rock Album”

  1. 1 scupperjunior December 12, 2010 at 6:36 am

    they also have a collection of lost demos / b-sides available; check out their own Neverever Camp

  1. 1 the official BFF fansite » Blog Archive » BFF presents The Mossy Rock Album Trackback on April 25, 2010 at 9:43 am

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